First time at the fitness center Fighters Marbella

In only 45 minutes training at todays boxing class we manage to burn 1000 calories. It’s a fight to get through a whole class at our gym on full power all the way through, but today we had to prove our worthiness infront of our new colleagues at the fitness center. The great thing about this class is you can change your performance as you want and see your burn rate on a monitor together with your class-mates. 30 minutes after our workout both me and Sami burned an addition of 450 calories to our already 1000 calories that went out the roof, this equals 1450 calories in no time 😮 

This GYM / FITNESS CENTER is effective for people that want to come in great sharp fast, without spending to much time to get there. We are looking forward to develop this location as a step one to conceptify this location and create a known franchise.

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